FAQ – On Vibrators & Batteries

How long will this vibrator last?

That normally depends on how often you use it and how well you treat it.
If you want your vibrator to live a long and happy life:

  • store it in a clean, dry place;
  • don’t get water in the battery case/charging mechanism;
  • take the batteries out when you’re not using the toy;
  • don’t drop it on hard surfaces;
  • follow the charging guidelines (for rechargeable vibrators); and
  • read all the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


How long do batteries last?

This varies depending on the brand of battery and type of vibrator.

As a general guide:

  • Better quality batteries (usually a bit more expensive) tend to drain more slowly than cheaper brands.
  • Larger batteries (like AA or AAA) last longer than smaller ones (like N or LR44).  Little watch batteries, such as the LR44 size found in most mini wireless bullet vibrators, are some of the worst — sometimes only lasting 30-45 minutes.
  • Vibrators that take two or more batteries will usually last longer than ones powered by only a single battery.
  • Rechargeable vibrators are generally pretty good, a full charge lasting somewhere between 2-6 hours.


Can I use rechargeable batteries in sex toys?

It’s ok to use rechargeable batteries in some vibrators, but in others it’s not.  Some rechargeable batteries are slightly bigger than their non-rechargeable counterparts, which means they can get lodged in the battery casings of your toy.  Rechargeable batteries are also often weaker and drain faster, which don’t always make them ideal for vibrators.  That said, rechargeable batteries do just as well in some of the higher quality vibrator brands.


How long does it take to charge my rechargeable vibrator?

This depends on the make of vibrator.  It usually takes somewhere between 4-24 hours the first time, but you should read the manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions.  Before the first time you use your rechargeable vibe, make sure to charge it all the way up.  After the first time, subsequent charging shouldn’t take as long.


I want to buy my first vibrator. Which one should I get?

That really depends on you. Everyone has their own personal preferences, and what may be exactly right for me, may not be the best thing for you.  We do, however, recommend getting a vibrator that has multiple speeds so that you can see if you like a more subtle or intense vibration.  For more tips, read our section on How to choose a toy.


Which vibrators are quiet?

Silicone vibrators are generally quieter than hard plastic vibes.  The Lelo Liv, Gigi, and Mona are very quiet, as are the Picobong Honi, Moka, and Zizo.  Fun Factory’s rechargeable G4 vibes, such as the Tiger, are also near silent.