FAQ – On gender expression

What are chest binders for?

Chest binders are compression tops used to flatten breast tissue.  People have different reasons for using them.  Some female-bodied people want to present as male or androgynous, some people prefer a more flat-chested aesthetic, some want to appear less feminine, some want to hide their breasts, some wear them like a sports bra, etc.  Whatever an individual’s personal reasons, chest binders are basically there to help people to feel comfortable in their bodies and with their appearances.


What’s the Pack Man for?

The Pack Man is for ‘packing’, which refers to putting something (socks, a dildo, etc.) into your pants to create a bulge.  There are lots of reasons for packing, and people of all genders do it.  For some, it’s about wanting to feel like they have a penis, for others it’s about gender-bending, being subversive, or being in drag. Whatever the reason, the Pack Man is for people looking for a soft packer that gives the appearance of a pretty substantial ‘package’.