FAQ – On Toy Safety

Which toys are safe to use anally?

Toys designed for anal use always have some kind of flared base, which acts as a ‘stopper’, preventing the toy from getting lost up the anal canal.  Toys which don’t have this extra piece of material are NOT SAFE to use anally, EVEN IF it seems like the toy can’t get lost because it’s too long, too hard, or you’re sure you’ve got a good grip on it.  The body has a mind of its own, and anal sphincters have been known to powerfully suck all kinds of objects into their orbit, making for some embarrassing trips to the emergency room.  Anal play novices should also consider starting with softer toys made of silicone, since the anal canal bends like an ‘S’, and silicone will follow the body’s shape more easily than harder materials such as hard plastic, glass, or steel.  And don’t forget to use lots and lots of lube with any kind of anal play, since the butt doesn’t produce it’s own lubrication.  Find more on our butt play page.

Can I use egg-shaped vibrators internally?

Egg-shaped vibrators are usually designed for external use.  While these can be safely used to stimulate the area around the anal opening, they should never be inserted inside anyone’s butt, since they can easily migrate up the anal canal and get lost or stuck someplace very uncomfortable and dangerous.  That said, some people enjoy inserting these little vibrators vaginally, which is ok, since the vagina isn’t a through-way like the anal canal.  But it’s a good idea to put the toy into a condom before inserting it into the vagina; this will make it easier to remove and will also keep it clean, especially in the seams, where bacteria tends to accumulate.

Should I use a condom on my dildo or vibrator?

You should definitely cover your toys with a condom when:

  • using porous toys;
  • sharing non-porous toys (without sterilizing them in between);
  • switching from anal to vaginal penetration (without sterilizing them in between);
  • using silicone lube with silicone toys;
  • you haven’t cleaned your toy before using it.


Are glass sex toys really safe to use?

Toys made of shatterproof, Pyrex-quality glass can be safely used as sex toys and won’t break under normal conditions of use.  But before you use a glass toy, check it for fissures or cracks by holding it up to the light for inspection.  If you see any abnormalities in the glass, don’t use it.  And don’t drop it on hard surfaces!

How should I clean my sex toys?

Because we only sell non-porous toys at Other Nature, cleaning them is really easy — warm, soapy water is all that’s needed!  A mild, unscented, pH-neutral soap is usually recommended, especially for people with more sensitive bits.  Some people use toy cleaners, but it’s very important to wash these cleaners off thoroughly before using your toy again.  For material-specific cleaning instructions, see our toy care and cleaning page.  And don’t forget to clean your toys before the first use, as they’ve gone through extensive manufacturing and packaging processes!

How should I clean my harness?

That depends on the material.  Many of the harnesses we sell are machine washable at a low temperature, including all the SpareParts harnesses, RodeoHs, and nylon strap-ons.  These can also be hand-washed, which is gentler on the material.  Lay them flat to dry.

Our rubber and vinyl harnesses are just as easy to clean. These are completely waterproof and can be immersed in water or wiped down with a damp, soapy cloth.  To dry, pat them with a clean, dry cloth.  Like leather, vegan leather is a little harder to get completely clean because it’s also porous and absorbs sweat and other bodily fluids.  The best way to clean it is to use a mild soap and water.  Unlike leather, however, vegan leather can withstand water quite well as long as you don’t leave it soaking.