Butt Play

Anal toys come in different shapes and sizes. They start out smaller than a fingertip (great for beginners), and gradually get bigger (for the more experienced anal play enthusiasts!)

Different toys offer different types of sensation. There are 4 general categories of butt toy:


Butt plugs go in the bum, and stay in.  They provide a feeling of pressure and fullness.

Anal beads are inserted one at a time, letting the anal sphincter open and close around each bead (and creating the possibility for very intense orgasms!).

Anal dildos move back and forth through the anal canal, producing a consistent sensation of movement and friction. Curved dildos can also be used for prostate or g-spot play.

Prostate/G-spot massagers are shorter than dildos with a firmly curved tip. They can be rocked back and forth, providing firm and consistent pressure to the prostate gland or g-spot (via the anal canal, when there’s nothing inserted in the vagina).


Tips for having fun with your bum

  • Always use lube, and lots of it! The anus isn’t self-lubricating and anal tissues are very delicate.
  • Only use toys with flared bases. Toys without flared bases can get lost, since the rectum is a throughway leading to the colon and not a closed system.
  • Never force anything into your butt. Relax and be patient. Apply gentle pressure to the anal sphincter until it’s ready to open for business!
  • The anal canal is S-shaped, so consider using toys made of a flexible material (like silicone) that follow the natural curve of the body, and be careful about the angle of insertion.
  • People often hold a lot of tension and stress in their bums.  Try using a vibrator around the outside of the anus to help relax your muscles.  Or take a nice, warm bath.
  • Don’t numb your bum. Pain is an important indicator that something is wrong. Always listen to your body.