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Lelo Isla – 18/01/2012


“Sometimes you have to decide between pleasures: 90 euros spent on a daily slice of kuchen or the oracle of vibrators? Pick a month, make the choice. And do it soon because Other Nature has limited stock of the Isla, designed by Swedish brand Lelo (regularly 119€, now on sale for 89,90€*).

With its beautifully sleek design, subtle handhold for easy handling and near to silent motor, it already scores highly. Add to that its monumental power and the range of speeds and types of vibration to cater for every single vag around, its no wonder its wooing people all over the world. It’s also fully waterproofed. Oh yes, goodbye to the “I Rub My Duckie” and hello to underwater fun.


The only potential downside to this toy is that to get the look, Lelo had to sacrifice just a little bit of functionality. There is only one button to select the mode of vibration which can get a little annoying if you know what you like and don’t want to waste time shuffling through them. But to be realistic, if it had to have a button for every mode it has, there’d be no space for the vibrator! So in the case of the Isla I’d say less is definitely more.”

- anonymous

(*while supplies last)


Kulmine Pads – 04/11/2011

Kulmine Falt-Binde Maxi

The Kulmine Falt-Binde Maxi is designed to be used as a night pad.. It’s basically a big piece of cloth, reinforced in the middle with extra layers for more absorbency. When you fold it, it becomes a long rectangular pad that sits nicely inside your underwear. I’ve never used cloth pads before and I had three concerns: 1. Will it bunch up? 2. Will it be absorbent enough? and 3. Will it be a pain-in-the-ass to wash?

1. No it doesn’t, it actually stays in place beautifully and feels much softer, smoother and more comfortable than the usual night pad;

2. I had no leakage at all;

3. It actually kind of washes itself! If you put it in cold water overnight within a few hours after you’ve worn it, all the blood comes out naturally and then you can wash it with soap the next day, or stick it in the washing machine.


Kulmine Binde Midi

This pad looks more like the regular pads you buy, except that it’s made of soft cloth. As with the Falt-Binde Maxi, the Binde Midi feels really soft and comfortable, doesn’t move around or bunch up, and is surprisingly easy to wash. I wore it the whole day and totally forgot it was there.

I want to buy these for every menstruating woman I know! But since I don’t have the cash right now, I’ll just recommend them. With feeling. Sustainable periods are the way forward, people!!


reviewed by K, Neukölln