Ashley and Kisha DVD

Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit (Comstock Films, 2007)

Reviewed by Red E. Tulern


Comstock Films’ website describes Real Life. Real People. Real Sex. as a documentary series that aspires to present “love, uncensored.” Each of the films comprises a to-camera interview with the featured couple and naturalistic footage of them having sex. This latter half of the movie, which one can watch without the interview by selecting “Play Love Scene” on the DVD menu, is certainly explicit enough to warrant the movies being labelled “porn” in layman’s terms.

Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit stars a young, lesbian couple made up of two able-bodied, cis women of colour. Athletic Ashley and curvaceous Kisha are both conventionally attractive and feminine-presenting. Their interview tells a classic gay-girl-meets-thinks-she’s-straight-girl tale of their falling for one another at college, where Ashley, the out-and-proud lesbian about campus, gradually persuades Kisha that she “maybe has tendencies” before giving her “the most sensual sex” of her life. Their narrative, though meandering at times, has plenty of endearing moments, and Kisha’s description of the revelation of what sex with women turned out to be, despite her initial insistence that she didn’t know what Ashley could do for her, has an erotic charge which leads nicely into the “love scene”.

Talking to camera, the couple seem affectionate, at ease, and very much in love. In contrast, the sex scene feels a little stilted at first. It does heat up, and Kisha, describing her experience of having sex on camera, tells the unseen interviewer-director Tony Comstock that, after her initial awareness of the crew, “it was like… there are more important things going on”. These more important things include cunnilingus, clitoral stimulation and manual penetration and, save for a brief spurt of spanking, the sex is vanilla in flavour. Genital close-ups are infrequent and, in fact, not-so-close up, while shots of kissing are plentiful. Safer sex supplies and lube are absent, and no toys come into play, despite an anecdote about a spontaneous, late-night, strap-on purchase.

Sensitive, but uneventful, Ashley and Kisha’s session is not one for thrill-seekers, but the film would suit someone who’s interested in seeing intimate, loving sex between two women. Some of the hottest moments for me were instances of eye contact, wordless communication, anticipation and smiling excitement: here the chemistry that Kisha and Ashley describe in their interview is visible and a definite turn-on. They both have beautiful bodies which the viewer is given ample time to admire, and building to orgasm Kisha looks – and sounds – particularly fine.