The Story of Us

In the beginning there lived two women – Sara, from Canada, and Anne Bonnie, from Germany – unknown to each other but dreaming a parallel dream of opening an alternative sex shop.

Having both spent time learning about the industry, it had become very clear to them that mainstream sex shops failed to provide people – especially women and LGBTI communities – with comfortable spaces to shop, to explore and to learn more about sex and sexuality.

In 2011, the two met in Berlin and joined forces to found Other Nature: a women- and queer-oriented, feminist, sex-positive, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop! Though Anne Bonnie left in 2014, Other Nature remains in the loving hands of Sara and her small but international team of sex educators.

The shop continues to offer all the things it has become known for in Berlin and throughout Europe: high quality products, open and honest advice, workshops, events.. and, of course, tea (and sometimes cupcakes … when Sara isn’t too tired!)

With the support of friends, family, community, and all the people who think what they’re doing is as awesome as they do, the story of Other Nature continues …